Dror: "Lately, I thought about that I love to receive links to good articles from you. I have some more people to whom I send content, and receive as well. You probably have some more of your own.
What if we build a site that will allow us to share content with all these interesting people?
The site will have only one input field for a code. To view content from your friends, just enter the code."

Asaf: "Cool! Let's do it!"
Dror: "But let's not make it social."
Asaf: "Of course not."
Dror: "No registration. Not signup."
Asaf: "Simple. I love it."
Asaf: "Sounds like a great idea! Let's build it!"
Dror: "How should we call it?"
Asaf: "FatCat. or LinkHub."
Dror: "Awesome."

NAPKIN was created to give individuals, who save and share internet content, an easy tool to generate ad-hoc lists, or collaborative and continuous lists of content.
Use it as you will, and make of it what you want.

Don't forget to share your feedback with us, so we will know how to improve it.

NAPKIN was designed and developed by Dror Ayalon (@drorayalon) and Asaf Geva (asafge).